> Why should we chose your company?

A brief history of T57, including several highlights and company achievements, are covered in the Company Profile.

In short – we are one of the few companies working with video games only. Such giants as EA, Ubisoft, Big Fish Games and Oberon Media have all entrusted us with their titles. Also, in January 2010, Team Fifty Seven was officially approved for video game localization, development and QA testing by all three major console hardware manufactures: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony.

Video-games localizations are what we do best!

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> What is your pricing for localization?

In order to receive a detailed project offer (PIO), please contact one of our PMs using the form here on the site.

> Generally, how much notice do you need to take on new localization tasks?

The time needed for launching and submission of each project differs depending on the source files’ structure and quantities. It may take from 1 to 4 hours to prepare materials received from a client, and from 1-4 hours to assemble the final version for the client utilizing our internal QA. We have created our own standard for video game localizations, which helps us maintain high quality within stated deadlines.

> What is your current availability for taking on new localization projects?

We are nearly always ready and able to take on new projects right away.

> If you’ve localized any social media games, how many were you able to handle at a time and how long did each project take?

Taking into account the daily output of 1 translator (2,000 words) and 1 proofreader (5,000 words) – depending on the source text quality and specifics of the actual text – we are able to localize an average project of 3,000 words within 2 business days regardless of the number of target languages. We can initiate several projects simultaneously – 8 daily on average. To illustrate, one of our Project Managers regularly handles a constant flow of marketing texts for Casual games (similar size to Social games), 3-5 games per task, 12 target languages each, with each subsequent task starting every two days – 17 were completed in April 2012 alone!

> Generally, how many localization projects are you able to handle at a time?

Since 2009 we’ve been performing around 30-40 projects monthly (full projects, batches, numerous add-ons, QA testing and VO recording etc), with room to spare in the schedule.

> Please list all your company capabilities (including development resources, art & asset creation, audio production, implementation and testing) and whether they are on-site or outsourced.

We are offering Project Management, Translation, Proofreading, VO recording, QA testing, Transcreation, Social Games Tech Support, Art and localization related Programming services including Porting. We are working with numerous recording studios and QA testing facilities around the world – this gives us a chance to maximize our capabilities giving our clients a privilege of working only with specifically selected video game professionals worldwide.

> Are your translators on-site or outsourced?

We employ only video game experienced translators. Taking into consideration our brutal selection criteria (90/100 points on custom test files), all of them have the liberty of working from their homes and offices in their mother countries. Our aim has always been to only work with knowledgeable video game professionals, therefore we don’t work with ‘normal’ linguists.

> Which languages do you support?

We currently work in 39 language pairs (inc. all European and most Asian languages); please refer to the detailed list in our Company Profile.

> If you have localized games, how many & which ones? Just a few examples please, and include platforms

To-date we have localized more than 1,000 different video games, for all current platforms and in all genres. Some of the most famous titles we’ve worked on include Dead Space, The Guild, Company of Heroes, Luxor 3, Dream Day Wedding Series, Wings of Prey, Kung Fu Panda next gen, and Wii Fit. There’s a detailed list of titles in our Hall of Fame elsewhere on the site.

> Where is your company located?

Our main office is registered in Warsaw, Poland; we have another two in Russia and China. That’s why we are able to cover video-games related task in most time zones.

> How long have you been in business and specifically, how long have you been doing localization?

We have been involved in video-game localizations since 2001 working for one of the major Russian publishers at that time; “team fifty seven” company was established in 2004 to deal solely with video-game localizations. For that matter we do not offer any types of technical, legal, medical or casino related localization services.