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T57/See you next year!
Dec 26, 2014 // Poland, Warsaw //
All the best in the upcoming Year 2015 - more dreams come true and more projects to fuel new endeavors! On a side note - we will be unavailable between December 24 and January 2, but all of the previously discussed arrangements will go according to plan. See you next year! Yours, T57
_T57/Both upcoming Assasin’s Creed titles being localized by us
Apr 01, 2014 // Poland, Warsaw //
T57 and Ubisoft are happy to announce that our company is localizing both upcoming Assasin’s Creed titles. Assasin’s Creed Unity takes place in France, while Assassin’s Creed Uprising takes place in Poland (!). I’m sure you already know some facts regarding the first, as for the Assasin’s Creed Uprising – it’ll be the first time, when players will be able to experience horrors of WWII on the battlefields of Warsaw, Crackov, ...
_T57/Localization done the right way…
Jun 26, 2013 // Warsaw //
Hello Everyone, Part of our job is to monitor video-games market in regards to new projects; or current ones which are not localized by us (yet). To our surprise we’ve found more and more news on how a given project which was planned  to be released in March got postponed to May. Then to June... July... August 2013. “Localization issues” they say. “Testing issues” they say. “We just need more time” - they ...
_SOCIAL/T57 on Facebook
May 17, 2013 // Warsaw //
T57 finally got its official Facebook page; how cool is that? Stay tuned for information on our projects, available positions and more. And yes, do like us!  
_Discount/New Clients Alert!
May 08, 2013 // Warsaw //
Good news everyone! To celebrate a massive success of our LinkedIn Advertising Campaign we are offering our New Clients a special promotion for Translation and Proofreading services. Use the following code to get your discount: PROMO57. The promotion code is valid until end of the month only! Don’t just wait here; go send us a message already. See for yourself if we are really as good as we (and some of our ...