_T57/Localization done the right way…

3Hello Everyone,

Part of our job is to monitor video-games market in regards to new projects; or current ones which are not localized by us (yet).

To our surprise we’ve found more and more news on how a given project which was planned  to be released in March got postponed to May. Then to June… July… August 2013.

“Localization issues” they say. “Testing issues” they say. “We just need more time” – they say. “We are adding more languages” they say.

A small calculation was made by our Project Managers a couple of days ago and here’s a thing – from March to May 2013 we localized:

Video-game projects – 137,
Total word count for all projects – 830832 words,
Maximum amount of languages per project – 24.

All the above was done in just three months…

So how about that? Is there really a localization issue with your project? Or are you guys not using the right company to work on your projects?

Localization of video-games shouldn’t be an issue, if it’s done the right way! Our company has been doing it the right way for nine years already. Why don’t you have a go and try. And if you are not happy with the result – it’ll be free of charge.