_T57/Both upcoming Assasin’s Creed titles being localized by us

UbisoftT57 and Ubisoft are happy to announce that our company is localizing both upcoming Assasin’s Creed titles. Assasin’s Creed Unity takes place in France, while Assassin’s Creed Uprising takes place in Poland (!).

I’m sure you already know some facts regarding the first, as for the Assasin’s Creed Uprising – it’ll be the first time, when players will be able to experience horrors of WWII on the battlefields of Warsaw, Crackov, Gdansk and even famous Bialowieza Forest to name but a few.

Players would be able to drive a T64 and Tiger tanks, fly famous V2 rockets and use cyanide to assassinate their victims (Spoiler – Hitler included); other features include famous Katusha, Armored Trains production and micro-management of Partisan Forces.

“T57 will personally oversee production of the title using our years of History knowledge in the subject. It’s a top priority project for us!” said T57 Managing Director, Igor Polyakov; “We are happy to collaborate on those two titles with T57, we are sure our combined forces will make both projects something truly unique.” added Ubisoft Montreal President Yannis Mallat.

Stay tuned!